Tethers Print - NARBONEZZ
Tethers Print - NARBONEZZ

Tethers Print

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11"×14" Prints of our Tethers Design
Gloss finish
100 lb Premium Matte Cardstock (14pt or .014" thick)
LE 33 - hand signed and numbered


Artists - Nic Ramirez & Lauren Rotary

Medium - Digital Drawing using Procreate, Photoshop, & Illustrator

I feel the bass wobble heavily across my skin as my hair stands on end. Gazing forward, I move toward the sound. As I search for the source of the bass, a bubble pops on my nose. I am completely enthralled by this bewildering sensation, being led closer to the unknown sound by a trail of bubbles. Engulfed by this moment so rare, and plentiful the bubbles become.

Completely focused, I am amazed at the sight in front of me. Bright lights pierce through the bubbles swaying my senses. Feeling myself become off kilter, tripping, the light…fantastic. Suddenly, my foot catches and I stumble to the ground, hooked on a cable. To continue, I must follow this cable to the sound. Approaching slowly, the sensation grows, the bass gets heavier, and I notice an ominous glow.  I keep moving toward the bubbles, following the cable towards the sound.

Discovering the source of the sound, I find a friendly creature blowing bubbles. I approached the source. Like tethers, I'm stuck in the moment, feeling the sound, and watching the ever-decreasing circles slowly dissipate.